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ChyTV provides a one stop turnkey video signage system solution to disseminate video information anywhere there is a digital graphics display screen, T.V, or monitor.  ChyTV Author is a WYSIWYG content creation tool used to create professional looking pages.  ChyTV Tools is the management utility to organize and schedule the content pages using a calendar playlist. Once the content look is created, updates are a snap as the information is easily changed without affecting the graphic look or the need to have graphic artist available to make the changes.  Our ChyTV support team is just a phone call away willing to assist with operational or technical questions about your digital graphics display and video signage system if the occasion arises.

DigIt Signage Technologies and The ChyTV Group

DigIt Signage Technologies Corp. is the manufacturer and distributor of the ChyTV Digital Signage product line. DigIt’s management team has a long history with the television graphics company Chyron and were the primary founders, development team, and sales and support team for the ChyTV group. In 2009 the ChyTV group became DigIt Signage Technologies andassumed the ChyTV group as a separate corporate entity with DigIt managing the sales, engineering and support of all ChyTV products. Chyron, the company whose brand name has been synonymous with broadcast television graphics, has been an industry leader in video processing technology for over 40 years. By leveraging the technology from their professional broadcast graphics equipment, ChyTV provides powerful, yet cost effective and flexible digital graphics display and messaging solutions to any location that has a television - without disrupting the video source.

The ChyTV Product Line

The ChyTV products take advantage of these decades of graphics ingenuity and innovation. Recent advances in technology have made powerful board-level graphics, video signage systems and flat panel displays more affordable. We have a line of video informational display systems with a price point and ease of use suitable for mainstream applications. These devices sit between an existing video monitor or flat screen television and an incoming video source in Standard Definition and High Definition. The ChyTV device enables you to 'squeeze' the live video region and display custom graphics around the perimeter of the video region. These graphics and video clips can be created using well-known user-friendly interfaces such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe PhotoShop and AfterEffects. ChyTV enables locations such as malls, stores, government buildings, campuses, churches, restaurants, corporate lobbies, doctors, dentists, trade shows etc. to display locally relevant information such as price specials, service announcements, advertising, etc., all without disrupting the incoming video signal. For instance, an auto repair waiting area would be able to 'squeeze' the television video while simultaneously "crawling" oil-change specials across the bottom of the screen. Or the television in a corporate cafeteria can be showing entertainment programming while displaying employee birthdays, meeting announcements, or the picnic date.

In addition, we have a variety of Security / Alerting solutions in use at Capitol Hill, military bases, federal and local government facilities, Navy ships and more.  See www.chytv.com/alert.pdf for a discussion of challenges facing video security and alert needs.  Our company has the unique ability to leverage our high-end video animation technologies into a powerful but affordable informational display system. It can be immediately put into use anywhere there's a video monitor or flat screen. For more information, go to www.chytv.com or call 631-845-2152.