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Testimonials & Reviews

Read the truth from Satisfied Electronic Sign Customers who are happy with their return on their digital advertising display screens as well as a Positive User Experience

Brandon W. Bryant

Arkansas Glass Container

I love ChyTV, not only are their products great, but their technical support is great too.  The Sales Team for ChyTV is top notch.  We purchased the ChyTV HD150 and needed help changing our scheduling to fit our needs.  The team supporting the products have helped us by providing technical support and information that you would never get with any other company.  Our old system has been up since 2012, and we still receive support for it.  These guys are the best, and I recommend them to anyone and everyone that needs digital signage.  Thank You ChyTV.


Dave Mooney

Emergency Communications, United States Senate, Sergeant at Arms

The Senate cable television alert system which incorporates both analog and HD-SDI ChyTV units has been very successful and was utilized to notify staff during a shooting incident last year on Capitol Hill. Efforts by DigIt Signage Technologies engineers have been an important factor and a key component of our success. Recent innovations include the development of a web interface, which provides us with a web based platform for activating alerts, and our system was expanded to include alert activations for the House of Representatives. Ongoing improvements, design changes, and upgrades performed by DigIt are also important as our system continues to evolve to meet our needs.

Jason Parks

Station Manager, Access 16 Government Access Channel, City of Salisbury, N.C

My name is Jason Parks, I'm the station manager for ACCESS16, the local government television station based in Salisbury, NC. We have been broadcasting government content for over 10 years. Recently, I installed ChyTV's HD BB server, and I'm very impressed with my purchase. When searching for a replacement for my previous TV server, price and the ability to output in high definition were at the top of my requirements. I'm excited to offer ACCESS16 in high definition. I am looking forward to implementing all the features that the ChyTV HD BB offers. The HD BB has capabilities that rival servers costing 2 to 3 times as much. SDI input / SDI output, multiple video formats supported and a very knowledgeable technical support staff. I am very happy with my purchase, and would recommend ChyTV's line of products to anyone looking for digital signage / TV broadcast solutions.

Curtis Kelch

Director of Web Services Illinois Wesleyan University

At Illinois Wesleyan University we recently were involved in a project to create a new student driven TV channel on campus. The channel was intended to show recent sporting events, plays from our theater, student films, promotional videos, interview shows, and more. We did not have a large budget for this endeavor and basically just needed a unit that could play videos on a 24/7 loop that fed into one of our TV modulators to create a new channel going to all the closed circuit TVs in dorms and other locations on campus.  We had worked with another brand name company first and ran into many difficulties. The first problem we ran into with this other brand name company was that their device did not use all of the memory the device was advertised with. The second big issue was their software could not find the device across campus vlans.  We finally got fed up and returned this product. Enter DigIt Signage Tech. their ChyTV product and their wonderful staff. We went with the ChyTV HD-Mini unit for this purpose. The memory on this unit was about triple the memory on the returned unit. The software was fantastic and I could find the HD-Mini unit from my office over to the server room (across vlans). This meant that I did not have to physically go get the unit each time I wanted to add something new to the TV channel lineup, like I did with the returned big brand name company unit. The ChyTV HD-Mini is also a few hundred dollars cheaper!

The other selling point for ChyTV was the level of service they provide after purchase. They were immediately on the phone with me making sure I had everything I needed. They walked me through setting the device up (which is very easy), learning the software (also very easy and intuitive), and kept checking in with me as we prepare to launch the new TV channel in the fall semester. They seriously do anything they can to help you with your new product. This level of service is unheard of these days. I can't recommend ChyTV enough to anyone looking for digital signage products. Or if you are like me, who bought a digital signage product to re-purpose it for creating a new TV channel for our campus community, DigIt Signage Tech. is the perfect company to help realize the product in a completely different way and make it a success.


Stan Coleman

Program Directory, Central Community College, Grand Island, NE

At Central Community College we have been using ChyTV products for close to 10 years now. We currently have four locations where we utilize ChyTV units. On our Columbus Campus we have a ChyTV Plus which we hope to upgrade to a ChyTV HD150 soon. On our Grand Island and Hastings campus locations we have just deployed two ChyTV HD150 units; previously they had been ChyTV Plus units. The upgrade process is still ongoing but so far we are really satisfied with the quality of images the HD150 displays. Our Lexington Learning Center features a ChyTV Plus unit that we remotely manage.

With hundreds of miles between campus and learning center locations it’s nice to be able to make graphics at one central location and distribute them electronically over our network. This also saves time when making a common page that will be displayed at multiple locations.

One of the biggest things we like about the ChyTV line is that the learning curve isn’t steep. If you already know how to run PowerPoint you have 95% of what you need to know to produce ChyTV Graphics. Using PowerPoint also allows people from different departments to format their own messages, which can speed up the process of adding new pages.

The tech support has been super and is really cost effective since it’s free. Any time we’ve had questions or issues the team is quick to respond with the correct answer. Knowing they are a quick phone call away makes trouble shooting easy.

When you compare the feature set with the price the ChyTV is hard to beat. We plan to be using a ChyTV product of some kind into the foreseeable future.

Chad Giddens

General Manager KADO tv40

Our station needed to upgrade its aging EAS and on-air CG. For the CG part of the upgrade we went with CHYTV and haven’t regretted it for a second. The unit has functioned flawlessly since being installed. The only trouble we experienced with the unit was because we got into the software and misconfigured it, and with a quick phone call the CHYTV team had set it back straight for us. They gave us all the training we needed and have been great to work with.  Quick to respond to any emails or questions, and ready to help in any way they can.  When it comes to “mission critical” equipment, you want to work with a company that will work with you, and that’s why we are glad to be working with CHYTV.

Jimmy Green

Station Manager, 4 Village Studios, Floral Park, NY

The problem was purchasing a reliable, affordable, broadcast quality, digital signage system from a vendor that was willing and able to develop and integrate custom applications to support our specific goals. The solution was ChyTV and the ChyTV team of experienced professionals…and the results were outstanding!

As operations manager of Four Village Studio, a community television studio on Long Island, New York, many challenges confronted our recent analog to digital infrastructure conversion. The need to replace and upgrade the “4VS Community Billboard”, our scroll of local events and programming information, was paramount in the decision-making process. Though our requirements were few in number, finding a vendor willing to meet our requests was formidable. First, we needed a cost-effective system that would operate reliably, 24/7, without the need for standby personnel. Secondly, since we were already satisfied with our award-winning on-air look, we needed a system that had enough display flexibility for us to recreate and mimic our proven design. Thirdly, and most challenging, we needed a vendor willing to work with us and a third party (RainWise, Inc.) to develop an interface to display real-time weather telemetry from our rooftop weather station. Needless to say, Vinny Bionolillo, Jim Altemose and the team from ChyTV met all challenges.

Our ChyTV digital signage system, along with the custom weather application, has worked flawlessly since installation in 2012. The ChyTV technical team’s willingness to understand, interpret and accommodate our specific goals was well reflected through their extreme professionalism, competence and customer care. Perhaps even more important, a relationship has been forged that gives our organization confidence that the ChyTV team will be there for us, down the road, should the need occur. Thank you ChyTV!

Roy Zethraus

President, Bear Wire Video, Dallas, TX

As the VAR who designed and installed the cable communications channel for the Town of Highland Park, Texas, when their aging existing system became unreliable, I was asked to upgrade the system used by various departments within the Town. This system fed audio/video to the Town’s dedicated cable channel and ran basic Bulletin Board type information 24/7.

After comparing the existing system upgrades and the new ChyTV system from Chyron, my decision was relatively easy. I chose the ChyTV for a variety of reasons. First, in accordance with the Town’s fiscal responsibility, was price. To deliver the same level of performance, in this case, we saved over $2,000 by purchasing the ChyTV instead of the existing system upgrade. Second, as a long time broadcast television producer/engineer, Chyron was a company with which I was very familiar and had the utmost confidence in both hardware, software and support. Third, for the end user, in this case, several individuals at the Town of Highland Park, ChyTV was a no-brainer as it uses Microsoft PowerPoint as its authoring software. Almost anyone who does presentations today is familiar with or experienced with using PowerPoint.

Price, reliability and user friendly. As I said, no-brainer.

The installation of the ChyTV Ethernet model that we installed could not have been easier. Take it out of the box, connect to cable channel modulator, plug in AC and the Town of Highland Park was back on the air. The Ethernet version utilizes a fixed IP address which can be hit from anywhere on the Town’s network, and from outside when required. The ChyTV Tools application (the communications/scheduling module) is straight-forward and easy to understand. Training of personnel on these functions took about 10 minutes. The ChyTV add-in to PowerPoint (automatically installed) makes creation of slides simple. Click, point and type to create text (animations, crawls, reveals), click browse and select for graphics (pictures, jpg’s, other graphics) and “Save as ChyTV Page” saves page and does conversion to .ctv proprietary format. It even places .ctv page in proper folder for later update to ChyTV unit, where scheduling occurs. If you have ever used PowerPoint, then creation of ChyTV pages will seem almost “too easy”.

The need for network access arose as there are four departments, located around the Town Hall, who each have their own messages to add to the running script. They must be able to create, edit and schedule independently of the other departments. The simple interface of ChyTV Tools makes this a breeze. Each author simply creates their pages on their own workstation, starts ChyTV Tools (which connects them to the single ChyTV unit), they upload the current running script, add/edit their content to the script and press "Update". This keeps all department changes current and allows each department (Administration, Public Works, Public Safety and Library) to control the information they want distributed via the cable channel.

Scheduling and Update of ChyTV pages are flexible, yet easy to accomplish. Scheduling can be by: Start Date, End Date, MTWTFSS (day(s) of the week) or exclusion of certain days or dates. Time of day for display of each page can be specified as well. For example, the first Wednesday of each month the Town tests its Emergency Alert system (sirens sound, etc.). When this test begins at 1:00 pm, the page stating that the alarms are only a test is displayed for one minute. This page does not display at any other time.

Length of display is determined and programmed at this Properties window as well.

Video & Audio Production Services

After you program (click on time desired) display length, schedule and “drag & drop” page display order, click “Update” and all files are updated into the compact flash card the ChyTV unit has installed and you are done. Use of the compact flash card for memory insures automatic, accurate re-boot should power be interrupted.

I was so pleased with the easy installation and ease of use of the ChyTV system installed for the Town of Highland Park, I purchased a unit for my mobile unit, which we use for in-house feeds at sports venues where we do production, so we can brand the feed for all viewers in the stadium or field house. Due, in no small part I believe, to the design capabilities of Chyron, the output of the ChyTV unit and graphics (where Chyron really has no equal) matches the quality of the various graphics generators that I have installed in my production vehicle and I intend to utilize this ChyTV unit (and perhaps others) as stand-alone downstream keyers. Get back to you on how that turns out.

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