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About DigIt Signage Technologies Corporation

Our ChyTV products are an off-shoot from a company called Chyron Corporation who pioneered making high-end Broadcast Television graphic systems for networks such as FOX, ESPN, ABC, NBC, etc.  Our graphics products have the same quality look and feel as what you see today on broadcast television news or sports.  Our entire staff worked for Chyron for 25+ years developing, supporting and selling high end graphic solutions. In 2009, we leveraged our combined staff experience of video graphic knowledge to establish and develop the ChyTV product line.   So, whether you are in retail looking for a Digital Signage solution as a way to increase profits while saving money by engaging your audience, or in Broadcast as a station manager that is tasked with finding a low cost, high end video text and graphic solution for your cable headend we have a ChyTV product for the job.


We provide single channel turnkey Digital Signage solutions that are fully customizable and specific to a client’s need. We are not just an off the shelf signage player. Our products fit more into what we call the higher-end of digital signage in that we can dynamically render text and images and be controlled or updated from external sources Our ChyTV systems are deployed in public places, education and government and to display Information, Advertising and Security & Alerting notifications.

  • No matter the industry, field or occupation, Digital Signage is become relevant as a resource! With the constant changing of technology and the cost of flat screens lower by the day, Digital signage is now at the forefront of almost every business, public space or government facility. ChyTV digital signage systems are High-Performance, Low-Cost Video Graphics turn key solutions. Easy to use, yet powerful and flexible with a cost that accommodates any budget based on needs. Industries that have used ChyTV products and solutions.
  • Casinos
  • Churches
  • Covention Centers
  • Corporate Communication
  • Education
  • Government Buildings (Local and Federal)
  • Hospitals
  • Hospitality
  • Lobby / Waiting Room
  • Restaurant / Bars
  • Retail
  • Sports Venues
  • Transportation


A broad selection of Standalone single channel (CG) video, text and graphic systems that will meet specific client needs. Our ChyTV systems support many video formats in SD and HD including internal/external key sold at much lower cost without sacrificing quality.

  • In need for a professional Broadcast CG system for lower third tickers, text and graphics for live video overlay, unlimited transparency that dynamically renders text and images. Be controlled or updated from external sources such as XML, HTML, SQL, Excel, etc. Our ChyTV systems fit very well into automation control as well as security and alert situations. We have a ChyTV product solution to meet these requirements and more.
  • Cable Head-ends and Distribution
  • Public Television Stations
  • Education Television Stations
  • Government Television Stations
  • Television Production Pre and Post
  • Community Channels


The Applications Are Endless


EAS (Emergency Alert System)

Digital Alert Systems and DigIt Signage Technologies collaborate on VIDS (Visually Integrated Display Symbology) for EAS alert systems. 

Read about it here:  TV Technology article


We are reaching out to all Government and Military facilities. DigIt Signage Technologies is currently open for business under specific provisions set in place to field both existing product support inquiries as well as accept new purchase order(s) for ChyTV systems, providing manufacturing deliveries between 7 to 10 days out from receipt of purchase order.  If your organization is looking for a graphic solution that provides on time content updates for emergency alert messages or calendar updates regarding scheduling we have a ChyTV solution. Our ChyTV systems can deliver content from local or remote locations. Very useful if you are working from home or off location.



The Applications Are Endless


A proven track record of success with 40 plus years of ingenuity behind each ChyTV Model and offers product life time phone support with a live voice if ever needed.

Complete flexibility with the video graphics generator for assigning templates on a given page by having the ability to position and shape and template(s) anywhere and any size you desire from page to page and on schedule. No restriction to the amount of zones or objects on a page!

Our digital signage solutions feature the ability to take in a live video feed (Camera, DVD, Cable/Satellite set-top-box, etc. ) and pass it through displaying either Full Screen or resizing the live feed into a live video window and adding text and graphics around it or on top of it.

Secure Networking with no worries with any of the ChyTV products, these systems are built with secure Linux under the hood. In addition, ChyTV digital signage solutions don’t require a persistent computer connection and will not bottleneck during content transfers as the video graphics generator intelligently updates only the content that has changed.

ChyTV provides resources to customize applications for any environment by offering an API (Application Programming Interface) and SDK (Software Developer Kit).




All ChyTV models come equipped as standard turnkey solutions out of the box. There are times there is a need for a specific application that is directly purposed for a given environment, specialty or need. ChyTV is also engineered for this very purpose when called upon. State your application!


planning & strategy

Define your custom solution and we will create a plan to integrate any ChyTV hardware with custom software that meets your requirement/goals within a defined budget.

design & develop

Understand, Interpret and accommodate your specific goal(s) using extreme professionalism, competence and client care.

test & deliver

Provide quality Assurance through an item checklist that insures all custom specifications are met including providing post delivery product support if ever needed. Always a phone call away with a live product support rep!

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS The Proof Is In The Happy Clients


Is ChyTV easy to use?

Yes. Adding images and videos to display on your screen is as simple as drag ‘n drop. Simply drag your desired jpg’s, bmp’s or png’s from Windows into our ChyTV Tools interface. Any kind of video as well; mpg, avi, wmv, h.264, etc.

Can ChyTV run in Portrait mode as well as Landscape?

Yes. All ChyTV products support portrait mode as well as landscape. And the Authoring tools as well.

Can I play music in the background?

Yes. If you are running a sequence of pages, a sequence of mp3 files can cycle independently for background music.

Can I control ChyTV from automation?

Yes. All ChyTV products have a simple API (application programming interface) which is a text command protocol to issue control command across an IP socket or RS-232 connection. ChyTV graphic devices can easily be controlled by Crestron, Louth, Harris , AMX and a variety of other automation and control system.

We write software. Can we write our own applications?

Yes. Based on the above mentioned API, we have an SDK (software developers kit) that easily lets you control the ChyTV hardware devices. Commands can easily be issued to read a particular page, update data and much more.

We have unique requirements beyond off-the-shelf display devices. Is ChyTV customizable?

Yes. We have a team of engineers who can implement a variety of techniques and scripts to bring in external data, graphics and information from external sources.

What kind of scheduling is there?

Playlists can be created to change pages all day in a cycle. Or, Pages and blocks of pages can also be scheduled to display at specific times during the day or night, and on specific days. Holiday pages or Birthday pages can be scheduled in advance to display on the day they apply.

Can I get News and Weather and other information?

Yes. We have apps to get live news from sources like NY Times and weather information and forecasts.

How good is the quality of graphics and animations?

ChyTV can make your signage and broadcast graphics as professional looking as any seen on the television networks. Broadcast Television is our 25+ year history working for Chyron Corporation who is the Kleenex or Xerox for a television graphic.